CONFERENCE Dzaferoski: Sweeping problems under the rug has led us to this misery!

Adnan Dzaferoski, member of the SDSM leadership, at the conference “Society Without Borders” organized by CIVIL-Center for Freedom, spoke about the future steps of the new government in the fight for overcoming the problems of the citizens, for improving the social conditions and winning over the media space again.

“First of all, the media space has to be conquered again, especially on national television. And we must also pay more attention to building a healthy society. And all these problems that are bothering our society need to be solved by including all the relevant factors in the country”, stated Dzaferoski.

He says that as a society, Macedonia lags quite a lot behind the developed world. “Sweeping all the problems under the rug has led us to this situation and to such misery”, said Dzaferoski.

Camera: Atanas Petrovski and Dehran Muratov

Editing:  Еrmin Klimenta

The statement/address at the conference is part of the project “Society Without Borders”, which CIVIL – Center for Freedom is implementing with the support of the German Heinrich Bll Foundation. The goal of the project is to promote and educate the citizens of Macedonia about the Citizen’s Charter, a global document for promoting civil rights and active participation of citizens in decision-making processes.


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