QUOTES Diversity is like a flower garden of human colors

The Republic of North Macedonia is multiethnic, multicultural, multi-confessional. The Republic of North Macedonia is a flower garden of human colors, of equality in diversity. With all the ranges of social inequalities, with all the side ethno xenophobic skirmishes and even incidental events and with all the other marginal or more central sparks on ethno or religious grounds, with all the spontaneous or politically party-packed doses of nationalism and chauvinism, Macedonia still stands out as extraordinary regional, continental and world example of a state constitution that has institutionally incorporated all or generally all the assumptions for a modern organized community adequate to the time and needs of the individual, the citizen. At the same time, to ethnic, national, religious or any other organized social collectivity, but whatever. The institutional set-up of the Macedonian society based on the Macedonian constitution, today is a standard, a template, a sample, a definition of a state constitution that basically offers equality and equality to all its citizens. Of course, for now only dominant legislative, but…

Zoran Ivanov

Република Северна Македонија – едно општество за сите (Republic of North Macedonia – one society for all)

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