POLITICS Dimitrov: I do not expect a real discussion, the level of the opposition is the same from the previous composition

Outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs and candidate for Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, stated that he does not expect a real and constructive discussion at today’s parliamentary session, where voting for the election of the new government is on the agenda. For this, he accused the opposition, for which he said that from the first session it has shown the same level as the previous parliamentary composition.

“I do not think that we should be pretending that here there will be a real discussion. It became clear from the first constitutive session that the level is from the previous parliament. Therefore, even if someone from the opposition convinced me, certainly we will not see it, and the citizens will not see it”, said Dimitrov before entering Parliament.

Talking about the priorities of the new government, Dimitrov said that the focus will be on dealing with the pandemic and the economic consequences, the reforms, the economic development and integration process. He announced that next month preparations for the negotiating framework start and that all European countries are determined for the process to start as soon as possible. This according to Dimitrov, will be a good opportunity also for the opposition to talk about something essential and to contribute to the country and society, and to leave politics and politicising a bit aside.

А. Zekjiri


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