DIRECTLY Deralla: The Electoral Code is producing violations to the voting right!

Deralla, CIVIL: During our work in the long-term observation of the referendum process, we notice that the Electoral Code is still suffering from serious shortcomings that can result with violations to the voting right. One of our serious remarks is that those people who will find themselves in a situation to travel abroad within the last days before the day of the referendum, will not have the possibility to register as voters in the diplomatic consular offices of Macedonia. This is so because it has not been anticipated with the laws and procedures. I think that this, nevertheless, can be corrected in the next days, with an additional act that has no reason to endanger the law, because it is broad enough and quite imperfect. Therefore, I think that an act that will help the citizens fulfill their right to vote throughout the world should be provided and enabled.

Currently, we have four cases of citizens who will be in two cities and who didn’t know that they were going to travel abroad at the time when they could have registered as voters abroad. But ultimately, even if they wanted to do that, as far as I am informed, the Law does not allow them to do so because they are not registered at least six months of staying abroad.

You have serious number of people who will be mobile in that period, on that day, who simply will be deprived of their right to vote, which is a violation. It is not correct for the state not to think about these people who want to vote but cannot., You know, that is like putting people in cages. When it’s referendum day, or election day, not allowing them to do anything else except to focus on the voting. It is like they have no other life.

Маја Ivanovska
Camera and photography: Аtanas Petrovski
Editing: Аrian Mehmeti

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska


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