DIRECTLY Deralla: The destructive tendencies are arising from the political, criminal and business centers of power

Deralla, CIVIL: The period before the referendum until September 30, I think has surfaced many ugly situations in society. Ugly situations of what is called insufficiently developed civic consciousness. This period is truly a big challenge in our work, as people who deal with human rights and freedoms. To gather all possible aspects of the destructive tendencies that nationalism in the public discourse is imposing. I think that in order to find the cure for this destructive dimension of social and political action, we need to know the root of this. And the root is found precisely in the political centers of power, which have a very serious connection with the criminal and business centers of power.

That, as we have seen and witnessed, are the political parties that strive for the close interests of a small group of people who are trying to avoid responsibility for the criminal procedures, for the criminal acts in the recent past. That is one thing.

Furthermore, this is a process that is strongly indoctrinated by international centers of power, which are opposing our path towards Europe, towards the Euro-Atlantic integrations. They invested, indeed, quite a bit of resources to stop this truly remarkable progress of ours. For the first time in three decades, we have such a fast and quality leap on this level in this area.

The cure is to demand clearly and loudly, unequivocally and decisively from the political parties to stop with the calculations around the political points. About how they will manage to blackmail the Prime Minister or someone else, who is in a position to give some kind of benefit.

This is a moment when the institutions and those who are creating the entire atmosphere, among else, also those who are creating the public opinion, need to very seriously, very decisively, without any hesitating and calculating, without a search for benefits or profits of any kind, usually being financial, demand from the political parties to once express themselves clearly and to act according to what they will say. So let it be a position that is retrograde or contrary to what is called mainstream or, a pretty massive tendency to move forward, to move to Euro-Atlantic integrations. We have to demand from them, and we need to condition them, as a public, as a non-governmental organization, as citizens. To condition them that as long as they behave in a calculating and destructive manner in this process, that they will not receive the trust in some other upcoming election process.

They also have to be exposed, and it has to be known once and for all that what they call politics is actually blackmailing each other. Bargaining and making deals for positions in some institutions, for tenders, for pardoning or not pardoning, and other benefits that literally have nothing to do with the lives of citizens. They have nothing to do with the processes that are taking place currently. These are processes for joining NATO and then receiving pre-accession negotiations for EU integration.

Text editing: Маја Ivanovska
Camera and photography: Аtanas Petrovski
Editing: Аrian Mehmeti

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska



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