BURST Data, knowledge, wisdom… Unicorn!

In the “normal world”, there are no leaders of parliamentary parties who are indicated, by name and last name, as sources of disinformation. Unlike the “normal world”, our society is “rich” with semiskilled deceivers whose idols are criminals, murderers and dictators.


Let me tell you about a comic strip published by Scientists for EU on their Facebook page. The first pane of the comic strip is titled “Data”, and there are about a dozen scattered circles on it. On the second one, “Information”, some circles are colored in gray and some in green. On the third one, “Knowledge”, the circles in different colors (information) are connected in a certain scheme. The fourth one is titled “Understanding”, where two circles on different sides glow. On the fifth pane, titled “Wisdom”, a trail of light can be seen that connects the two brightest points. The sixth one is titled “Conspiracy theory”, and the circles are connected in a unicorn.

It’s interesting to also see the discussion that has developed under that post with 8,300 reactions, 5.300 shares and 280 comments. What a discussion. Not a single curse, not a single insulting word, even though diametrically opposing opinions and views can be read, including also of followers of conspiracy theories. And many humorous witticisms, among which several Scots can be singled out who go a “little bit” off the topic, but who make just as much fun of Brexit as they do of themselves.

In one comment, an analogy of the comic strip is made, saying: Knowledge is when you know that Frankenstein is not a monster, but wisdom is when you know that Frankenstein himself is, actually, a monster. Or: knowledge is when you know that tomatoes are a fruit, but wisdom is when you don’t put them in a fruit salad. I also noticed that the profiles commenting were real people, with a name and last name.

You can also read comments that the coronavirus doesn’t exist, that those who drew the comic strip actually drew the 5G scheme on the wisdom pane, and many other naïve and less naïve slips on the topic or “rebellious” and anti-scientific opinions. And again I read – there are no indecencies, no evilness and gross disqualifications. There are no hangings, shootings, slaughtering, burning… There are no “damn traitors” and similar for us daily and usual expressions.

It’s no wonder. In the “normal world” there are no leaders of parliamentary parties who are indicated, by name and last name, as sources of disinformation. Unlike the “normal world”, our society is “rich” with semiskilled deceivers whose idols are criminals, murderers and dictators. They are not marginalized people, but “eminent” politicians, grouped in crooked nests (radical political parties). They achieve their influence, and often domination in the public discourse thanks to the political, media and literal illiteracy. They put their function and work obligations in parliament or at the university in the last place. Yes, some of them are even university professors!

Instead of doing their job, local bandits in politics deal with black propaganda, spreading disinformation and calling for liquidations and political or ethnic violence. Their personal benefit and the need to cure their own complexes and frustrations always come first. The facts (beneath their feet) come in last place for them, while lies and hatred come in first place. Narrow-minded, malevolent and greedy, they sit aside from all national and world events, counting their money and making plans how to steal even more. And they contaminate the public with their well-paid propagators in the media and with installations in strategic places in the system. For them, it’s best for everyone to believe in the unicorn in the comic strip described at the beginning of this text.

Not that there aren’t such politicians in the “normal world”, but take a look at where they are. Some of them are leaders of groups that can gather in some medium-sized tavern. Some are in prison. Some are in mental health institutions. All right, it has to be noted that in some post-communist countries, which have pushed through the EU sieve, there are such who are in power. But it’s rather certain that the path of their governing ends when justice is faced. Sooner or later. Unless if in the hybrid war dictators of the East don’t win. Then film dystopias will become a reality.

Their weapon is the lies and hatred with which they introduce divisions, fear and uncertainty among people. What they are doing is not naïve. But the response, though late due to the conformism of the elites and many hypocrites and soul-sellers, does however arrive. That response is based on science, facts and firm convictions that the future belongs to people with open eyes and a clear head.

The fight continues. For some it’s a fight against Covid-19, and for some a fight against 5G and “global conspiracies”. I believe there is a cure for everything.

P.S A unicorn is a mythical creature that appears in ancient cultures from Southeast Asia to ancient Greece, and in the Middle Ages extends to Kingdoms of Northern Europe, and is a frequent motive also in the Renaissance painting. It also appears in the Walt Disney production and other famous film productions. In the comic strip “Scientists for EU” as well. It’s also found on toy stands and shelves around the world.


translation: N. Cvetkovska


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