DAILY BRIEF Daily Brief: New Deputy Ministers elected, “Europe is our home” in the center of Skopje, Rangelova released from “Violence in the Municipality of Center”…


NEWS OF THE DAY: Parliament elects new Deputy Ministers

Half an hour before the expiration of the deadline, the Parliament elected the new Deputy Ministers. 62 MPs voted in favour, while 44 against.

There were no abstentions, whereas the other MPs did not participate in the voting. The debate in the highest legislature, for the second government echelon, lasted two days, as provided by the law also for the election of ministers. The opposition used the parliamentary podium for accusations and attacks against the majority and the new government, and often referred also to the previous government.

STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Sterjovska, “Gveko”: Gostivar is ideal, but far from the possibility of growing into an eco-city


“Europe is our home” in the center of Skopje

CIVIL today, through an info-stand and communication with the citizens, promoted European values and integrations.

Citizens had the opportunity to share their thoughts and views with CIVIL’s team about the general political situation in the country and its efforts in carrying out the reforms, as part of the negotiations for EU membership. Having in consideration that part of the project activities of “Europe is our home” includes monitoring, advocating and strengthening public awareness in multiple areas, though the main goal is to contribute to the process of integration of the Republic of North Macedonia in the European Union, citizens exchanged opinions also about the election results and how they affect the reform processes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deralla: The uniform should not protect offenders, but rather protect from violence

A video has been posted on the social networks in which several police officers are brutally beating some Roma people from Bitola. The video was posted today, and there is no information on when the incident has taken place.

CIVIL President Xhabir Deralla says that the police have to be an example of lawful conduct.

“We are appalled from the brutality of the police officers in the recording that was posted today. In this case, the state needs to determine the strictest sanctions in accordance to the law. The uniform should not protect offenders, but rather protect from violence. The impunity has to stop”, stressed Deralla.

The MOI says that the identity of the participants has been determined and that they will inform the public once the case has been cleared.

Imprisonment and fines for fans spreading nationalism and hate speech – demand the citizens

“Imprisonment up to 10 years in prison”, “fines up to 5 thousand euros”, “bans from attending sports matches for 5 years”, are just some of the comments to the question that CIVIL posted on its Facebook page ten days ago as follows – “What do you think about the nationalism present among fan groups, and how should the institutions deal with this?


By “I’m Buying Domestic Products”, over 260 million euros have ended among 309,000 citizens.

Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski expects the application of the project for passports and ID cards with the new constitutional name of the state to start next year.

The Prosecutor’s Office is withdrawing from prosecuting Daniela Rangelova, Milan Andonovski and Borce Bogdanovski, stated prosecutor Fatime Fetai at today’s trial for the violence in front of the Municipality of Center in June 2013.

Fatime Fetai demands severest punishment for Gruevski and Janakieski as instigators of the violence in front of the Municipality of Center.

Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Naser Nuredini, today held a consultative meeting with representatives of the civic initiative “Stop Rusino” and the Mayor of the Municipality of Gostivar, Arben Taravari.

Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska and Deputy Minister Arafat Shabani with the Mayor of the Municipality of Kisela Voda, Filip Temelkovski, and the President of SONK, Jakim Nedelkov, today visited the primary school “Nevena Georgieva Dunja”, where they spoke with the teachers about the preparations for the start of the new school year.

The government will review the requests of parents, who propose temporary extension of maternity leave for a month or two, and will reply as soon as possible.

The Minister of Interior today stated that the Government is considering whether to increase the amount of the fine for not wearing protection masks against Covid-19.

А. Petrovska

Translation: N. Cvetkovska 


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