DAILY BRIEF Daily Brief: Census in April 2021, “Europe Is Our Home” in northeastern Region…

NEWS OF THE DAY: State Statistical Office will conduct population census in April 2021, stated Zaev

The population census and results in no way affect the Constitution, Framework Agreement and similar. Let us not burden ourselves with this, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in regards to, as he said, the debates on whether after the results of the Census “the Constitution should be opened”.

“The census should be conducted exactly because of the balanced development, economic parameters and statistics that we need in the country, and that is what we should conduct. It is a responsibility of every citizen, not just of Zaev and Mickoski” highlighted the Prime Minister.

Zaev stated that the census will be conducted by the State Statistical Office and appealed to the citizens to fill out the surveys.


Pekevski: The media should educate what an evil nationalism is and promote solidarity and tolerance

Konzulov: It is our responsibility to continue reforming by keeping communication with citizens on a high level

Naumoski: We have an artificial product of nationalism and hatred

Taravari: On the path, let us look like those with whom we want to integrate

Survey: By joining the EU, hate speech will be eradicated and there will be a rule of law “Europe is our home” – field activities in northeastern region

CIVIL invites all citizens to visit the info – stands in Staro Nagorichane, Rankovce, Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, and Kratovo, tomorrow starting at 11.00 am, which are dedicated to promoting European values and integrations.

Citizens along with the team of CIVIL, in direct communication, will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions regarding the democratic processes in the country, and be a part of creating the public opinion on a local and national level, tomorrow, October 14, starting in Tetovo.


Two Macedonian teams composed of nine girls and boys from ages 15 to 19 will compete in the international competition for innovation about the Earth and Space – NASA Space Apps Challenge organized by the NASA Space Agency and will have an opportunity to present their projects in front of leading experts.

President Stevo Pendarovski stated in an interview for Top Tema on TV Telma, that as President up until this moment he has not received any written or verbal information that at the meeting in Sofia with Osmani, some kind of a set of requirements had been passed on to him, as the media informed.

The government, at yesterday’s session, reviewed and adopted the Information on establishing a no interest credit line with a grant component intended for micro and small enterprises affected by COVID-19 (Covid 3), and tasked the Ministry of Finance, on behalf of the Government, to sign an agreement on administering the funds with Development Bank of North Macedonia AD Skopje

Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi at the general debate on the budget rebalance, at the Parliamentary Committee on Financing and Budget, stated: “Covid is the biggest economic crisis that has happened since the Great Depression, bigger, even, than the World Economic Crisis of 2009 and in all the countries in the world the deficit is spreading to encourage economic activity, while projections on the economic results are negative”.

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translation: N. C 


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