BURST Daddy’s mathematician (episode 3)


“He demands elections, then he whines, and at the end he will be a tearful nobody…” – says a friend to me, who before, used to be a loyal and active member of the vmro, from whom I borrowed the manner in which I sometimes call his once most favored toy – the party. At one time, he used to often tell me that movie quote: “Tease my kids, tease my wife, but do not tease my party!”. Now, his story is completely different. Perhaps someday I will even tell it to you. That same party almost ended up costing him everything that truly matters to a person…

A lot of water has flowed from the romantic vmro days and years of fierce, but to some extent, even naïve, national chauvinism. Now, the party is led by a Daddy’s mathematician, who my friend can’t stand, and for whom he says that, if Gruevski ruined the party, that he will finish it off.

If once we used to bitterly laugh at the graffiti in the center of Skopje “Ljubco put a cross, Grujo raised a monument”, now we can laugh loudly, with no less bitterness, at the “mathematics’ of daddy’s boy.

It’s amazing how Daddy’s mathematician succeeds, with cheap tricks and bad acting, to spin the facts and to avoid all, literally all, ultimately unpleasant questions. It’s crazy how the public doesn’t manage to find a bit of strength to resist the extremely boring replications and to tell him “enough already, we heard you the first time”, “we just don’t buy this anymore, bro”, or simply “shut your mouth already” …

Every day, many times, the same gloomy mantra… The same, horribly dark appearance, as if the Flood has devastated our ancient Macedonia. And lies, slanders, pathetic raving, hatred and threats. Somewhere out there there are a bit of cold embraces with the hated ones. Indeed, they are for gas chambers, not to give them a voice, but that’s it. But aside from the hugging, most of all, we can testify to a black and dirty propaganda like in Grujo’s “best” times.

Lucky for him that he lives in a democratic country in which PR is not identified with propaganda, so he can be babbling whatever he wants and as much as he wants. Lucky for him,

most of the NGOs have showed the kind of scammers they are and that they wouldn’t do anything without seeing a good sum of money. Lucky for him, society is still fuddled and in post-traumatic stress… What is unfortunate is that everything that is fortunate for Daddy’s mathematician is unfortunate for the rest of us.

How fortunate he will be, however, still depends on how much society and the system will allow him to enjoy the fortune of getting rich with money and power.

Similar to the time of his boss Grujo, Daddy’s mathematician too, even in dramatically changed conditions, manages to enjoy the fruits of his own irresponsibility, staleness and violence. He owns and practices the same murky ways in which at one time his party usurped the state, captured it, throwing my friend from the start of this “episode” into oblivion.

Those mathematics, equations with several known and unknowns are strong. No matter how much we laugh at the grotesque that he and his people are playing every day on the public scene, the equation is, for now, on the side of the darkness, at least until the Justice goddess does not strike with her sword. With 9 (nine) months of blocking the Law on the public prosecutor’s office, with the “mastermind” idea for electoral reforms with 120 electoral districts, with an unknown number of millions acquired from the business with hydro power plants attained in a known way, with an unknown number of millions acquired following the selling of that business, with an unknown number of secret meetings with the boss in Budapest, Geyser and other dark characters from the European radical right-wing… With an unknown number of millions provided from domestic and foreign sponsors for an anti-Macedonian campaign for hindering the integrations, but still sufficiently known methodologies for brutal settling of scores with facts and the reality, which certainly are in no way in his favor. His equations, however, are incorrectly set, and once the equal sign is put, on the right side of the equation, a result will appear that will devastate him.

It’s not something unknown that Daddy’s mathematician had been like a puppy at the leaders’ meeting, where the early elections were agreed, giving compliments “generously” on the Prime Minister’s courage and responsibility, and without a word followed through the presentation on the European praises for the country’s reforms. It’s not something unknown that he had also whined and begged for the snap early elections not be held soon, but rather in April (which is really absurd). The only thing unknown is how he managed, from a calm and flattering puppy, to

turn into a dirty propagandist in the very first sixty seconds after the leaders’ meeting had ended. That deserves serious professional analyses. Probably even treatment.

For now, he and his subjects, who the boss from Budapest gave him to temporarily use, are still enjoying the weaknesses of the system that they themselves created and from which they never left. Although he never laughs, like his closest collaborators and followers of the cult of money and power, it is certain that Daddy’s mathematician is endlessly enjoying his impunity, thanks to the media-courier decibel and general political debility in North Macedonia.

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