EVENTS Culture is the front page of every society

Skopje cannot complain of having a lack of cultural events, whether they be exhibitions, music, theatre or film, there is always something that can be visited. Last weekend, Alternative Skopje was held for the fourth time, at the Youth Cultural Center, where several young people and alternative bands performed. In a conversation with the organizer of this event, Dimitar Todoroski, about what the situation is like with the premises for alternative culture in Skopje, he stated that the Youth Cultural Center as an institution is treating that real culture and that it is working with an incredible pace.

In regards to the current music scene, he says that the Macedonian alternative scene has a new music wave and that the young bands are starting to firmly establish themselves on the music scene.

“But, the more experienced bands are also not sitting with their hands tied, they are also creating. Somehow we are starting to look like a normal society. Because even the biggest media who were voiceless for almost a decade are now starting to give room for culture. We hope that with the determined work much more success will be achieved in the following years. Because above all, culture is the front page of every society”, says Dimitar.

For that purpose, we are presenting some cultural events that will take place this weekend in Skopje:

Tonight at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, starting at 8.00 pm, an exhibition of Ivan Ivanovski will be opened titled “Symptoms”, and it will be open to visitors until July 17. “Symptoms” is the title of a series of drawings, paintings and sculptures in which Ivan Ivanovski treats oneself as a fundamentally constructed subject, created and maintained by a network of cultural, historical, intellectual and moral discourses that manifest the power relations in the capitalist order.

At Menada, in the Old Skopje Bazaar, a promotion of 3 videos will be held, with which the video story “Sogoli me”, the latest studio album of String Forces, is rounded up. In café bar Che, tonight starting at 10.00 pm, guests will be entertained by Bojan Chakra, with the sounds of funk, swing, soul, jazz and blues.

Sethstat and Fighting Windmills will perform tonight from 10.00 pm at Suli An, within the framework of the festival “Skopje Summer 2018”. Tickets for the concert can be bought at Jugoton Records at a price of 200 denars. The night will end with the listening promotion of the latest album of Drake titled “Scorpion”, in the Club “Epicenter”.

On Friday, within the “Skopje Summer 2018” festival, the ballet performance “Libertango” will be held at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. Starting at 8.00 pm.

At 9.00 pm, at Public Room, Macedonian popular tunes will be played, a theme that is nurtured for some time now.

At midnight, at the Club Epicenter, DJ Bleak will perform, and DJ Stojce as local support. Tickets for this event cost 300 denars. On July 7, Saturday, at the Public Room, Emi Ermilova will perform with her own DJ set, where there will be a premiere cocktail party at a summer price of 100 denars. DJs Dare, Soundkillah, Humanoid, Reblock and Liquid Illusion will perform. Entrance will cost 200 denars.

Angela Petrovska

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