PERSPECTIVES 2019 Conversations about the most important topics in the country, region and the world

This year again, CIVIL is revealing the perspectives…Before the end of the year, CIVIL MEDIA’s team is starting with a series of interviews and texts with which it is recapitulating the political and social reality of the year that has passed, and is trying, through conversations with selected experts and public figures to reveal the perspectives of the coming year. What the experts of CIVIL have said and written, and those who CIVIL MEDIA invites to speak, most often has occurred in the past years. The new series “Perspectives 2019” is now before the public, which will be published by the end of January, and will be up to date the entire year.

Through video interviews, the participants of Perspectives 2019 speak about their expectations and predictions for the upcoming year. They (will) speak about the most important topics, such as the democratic reforms, the Prespa Agreement, the social policies, the law, judiciary, human rights…The recording of the interviews lasts until January 8. Until the end of the month, over 20 videos and just as many texts are anticipated regarding the perspectives, possibilities and challenges ahead of the most important social and political processes in the country, region and the world.

This segment of the production of CIVIL’s media platform is also part of the project “Citizens for Free Society:, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

B. Jordanovska

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