PRESS CIVIL’s press center will be open 20 hours non-stop

CIVIL will open the press center at 6:30 am on October 29 (Sunday) at Hotel City Park in Skopje. The press center will be open until 2:00 after midnight or even later, if needed.

The analytical center will be located in the same premises and will be receiving reports from the ground, as well as calls from citizens in the need of information or advice.

CIVIL’s representatives will be available to the media during the entire day and in the evening. Press conferences will be organized at 9:30 am, 12:00 noon, 5:00 pm, and after 7:00 pm we will be organizing several activities, including a public announcement, a press conference and panel discussion at 9:30 pm, with members of CIVIL’s Expert Board, but also with other guests.

CIVIL is inviting all citizens to ask questions on Facebook or by email ([email protected]) throughout the entire day and night. There will be a team on duty that will be following the communication and immediately replying to all questions, or will be publishing information that will be arriving in the organization.

Unlike the previous time, CIVIL will not be broadcasting the press conferences live, but will be open for all interested journalists at any time. CIVIL will provide space for those who would like to work and report from the press center for their editorial offices. They will have a laptop and printer at their disposal, as well as access to the Internet.

CIVIL invites all citizens to report any violation to their right to vote or election irregularities on the online form or by email at [email protected]. Telephone: 02 / 5209 176, 071 608 523, 078 / 746 138.

Furthermore, CIVIL would like to inform the public that information and reports from CIVIL’s election monitoring along with other information important for the citizens, will be published on the websites in Macedonian and in Albanian.

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