GLOBAL INITIATIVES CIVIL with support for the Pan-African Initiative for arms embargo on South Sudan

The Movement #AfricansRising sent an open letter to the UN Security Council, calling for the renewal of the arms embargo and sanctions on South Sudan.

As a coalition of 16 international and regional civil society organizations, the movement requested urgent support of the UN Security Council in regards to the situation in South Sudan. The violence and abuses in South Sudan and the flow of weapons has to stop, is said from the movement.

Today, the Security Council is deciding on South Sudan, while support is spreading through the social networks, calling for voices to be raised and commitment for South Sudan.

Among the other signatories of the open letter is also CIVIL – Center for Freedom, which is offering its maximum support against any type of aggression and violence.

Africans Rising is a Pan-African movement of people and organizations that work for justice, peace and dignity, fostering solidarity and unity across entire Africa with one goal, right to peace, social inclusion and joint prosperity. The organization advocates broad demands for connecting the joint commitments for building solidarity and cooperation within the framework of the campaign for social, economic, environmental and gender justice. Including various movements, initiatives, civil society organizations, governments, artists, nosiness community, based on the mutual support for the Kilimanjaro Declaration.

The Kilimanjaro Declaration was signed on August 23 and 24, 2016, when two hundred and seventy-two representatives of civil society, trade unions, women, young people, men, people living with special needs, MPs, media organizations and religious groups from throughout Africa and from the African diaspora gathered in Arusha, Tanzania and pledged to build the Pan-African movement that recognizes and fights for the rights and freedoms of the people from entire Africa.




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