OPEN CIVIL with open “Perspectives 2018” today as well

More than twenty public figures, professors and prominent activists took part at the all-day event “Perspectives 2018” that was held on December 22. CIVIL’s team announced that it would continue the activities today as well, Monday, December 25, at Hotel City Park, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The activities will start with a meeting of the board members of CIVIL Media’s Editorial Office, and immediately after that the organization’s coordinative body will continue with another dynamic, experimental working day of the organization. Briefings and meetings will be held on different topics related to the project “Free Media for a Free Society” , as well as to other activities, such as the  “Civica Mobilitas” program and the projects “Civic Lenses” and “Understanding and Defense”.

CIVIL’s team will be available today as well to answer questions related to the projects, reports and views of the organization, which refer to freedom of expression and media freedoms, human rights and freedoms, social justice, environment, the youth, the electoral process and the democratic transformation of society.

CIVIL has invited prominent public figures, experts and activists at the event, with whom it will hold working meetings and will discuss the perspectives of Macedonia in 2018. Media representatives are invited to inform themselves and to take statements on all topics within the scope of CIVIL. Like every other day, citizens who would like to share information or testify to violations of human rights and freedoms, can do so during the entire day, this time at Hotel City Park, which is located next to the parking near the Municipality of Center.

Representatives of non-governmental organization with which CIVIL has cooperation and partnerships are also invited, but also those who want such a cooperation to start in 2018.

Copies of CIVIL’s editions in hard copy and DVD will be available at the event. Interested citizens will have the opportunity to learn about all the activities of the organization and the opportunities for engagement in the projects. The hashtag for the event is #Perspectives2018.


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