PRESS RELEASE CIVIL: It is good that finally we have a date for elections, now it is important the elections to be conducted democratically, free and safe

CIVIL welcomes the agreement that was reached on the date for holding the early parliamentary elections on July 15, which has put an end to the uncertainty following the numerous delays. Although CIVIL’s recommendations were for the final date to be July 5, the additional 10-day delay does not mean much in comparison to the demands of some political parties for the elections to be held at the end of August or September.

On the occasion of finally having an agreement on the election date, CIVIL reminds the public that complying to the measures for protection against the coronavirus is an obligation for all citizens, as well as political parties, institutions, the media and civil society organizations. Respecting the measures is crucial in the fight against the coronavirus, both in our everyday lives and during the implementation of the election process. More specifically, the elections will be as safe for the public health as everyone obeys the protection measures and protocols. CIVIL reminds of the findings of its long-term monitoring, which it announced at a press conference on June 14, in which findings, intensive black propaganda and spreading of fake news and hate speech is noted. The organization has several times in this recent period condemned the attempts for political profiteering by spreading fake news and hate speech and is continuously calling on the institutions to sanction the spread of hatred on ethnic and religious grounds and the calls of violence.

CIVIL calls on the political parties to adhere to the laws and good electoral practices for implementing democratic, fair and free elections in the Republic of North Macedonia.

CIVIL’s long-term monitoring started immediately after an agreement was reached on holding early parliamentary election on October 20, 2019, and efforts are being made for engaging about 300 short-term observers across the country on July 15. There is an ongoing call for applying for short-term observers of CIVIL.

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