COMMENT Bogoevski: Extended hand to everyone, amnesty for no one

The statement of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that there should be forgiveness with the opposition, that is, the message for reconciliation and forgiveness, was commented in the media and on the social networks as offering amnesty for those accused for the events of April 27.

We asked Pavle Bogoevski, independent MP and part of the SDSM coalition, for a comment on this topic.

“I was listening to the Prime Minister’s speech and understood it as an offer for amnesty. At first, it is defined as a position that there is no amnesty for anyone. That is, we will extend a hand to everyone, but amnesty to no one. The second thing, in the words of the Prime Minister I heard a call for reconciliation. Our society is deeply polarized, that is, deeply divided. And as such, it is very difficult to build a consensus on any matter. However, this issue is so important that we have to build a consensus if we want a future for our country. If our society is polarized, the Parliament is even more polarized”, said Pavle Bogoevski.

He added that the offer is extending a hand first to the VMRO-DPMNE MPs of which some are in trial for the events of April 27.

“An extended hand does not mean release from criminal prosecution and criminal responsibility. The courts and the institutions for prosecution will do their work. With the extended hand he offered an option for us internally as a legislative house to reconcile and to unite for the interests of our country. Not for amnesty, not for release of prosecution or for release of responsibility. Neither for the events of April 27, nor for any cases against the former VMRO-DPMNE leadership or members of their coalition”, explained Bogoevski.

Biljana Jordanovska

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

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