COVID-19 Angelov: Situation under control, hospital security to be preventive

We expect to know the number of police and army members required to secure the facilities specified by the Ministry of Health in the Action Plan by the end of the day. The situation is under control from a security aspect, there is no disruption of public order in hospitals and there is no need for panic, said Crisis Management Center (CMC) acting director Stojance Angelov after a session of the Main HQ for crisis management on Monday.

The Main HQ reviewed and Action Plan that was forwarded to the Steering Committee and will afterwards be handed over to the Government, which will make a decision so that the President issues an order for activation of the Army and the Ministry of Interior gives an order to the police forces.

Angelov said the Army would not be armed and only support the police in preventing any undesired situations, for the purpose of enabling health workers to do their primary job without any distractions.

“The MoI is set to visit the facilities specified by the Ministry of Health and devise a security plan. Afterwards, we will know how many facilities can be secured by the MoI and how many Army troops are required for support,” said Angelov.

Private hospitals have thus far not required additional security officers.

Regarding the available staff, the CMC is currently operating properly, but more people will be required and are to be taken over from other institutions.

“I am an optimist that the security aspect will be covered and there is no need for urgency and panic. We will support health workers at all times,” said Angelov.

He again urged citizens to observe the protection measures.

“Wear masks, keep distance, do not gather in groups, wash your hands, do not go out unless necessary in the evening, put birthdays and family gatherings on hold,” added Angelov.

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