DAILY BRIEF A reforming Macedonia

Today is International Children’s Day, and it is celebrated every year with various events, in order to remind societies that children also have rights that must be respected, but the reality is totally different. The fight for full respect of children’s rights has to continue every day.

Within the framework of its 49th session, the Parliament today started the debate for electing new ministers. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his statement stressed that Macedonia is on the right path, is moving in a good direction and that all citizens will be assured of this, knowing that ahead of us are serious reform activities and realization of major decisions of crucial importance for the country.

SONK (Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture) is complaining of selective decisions in the court in regards to their lawsuits. Over 120 lawsuits have been filed on the basis of transformation of employment relationships from definite to indefinite duration of employment contract for teaches from primary and secondary schools, through the law office of SONK, Vanco Shehtanski. According to the Trade Union, about 1,700 teachers are waiting for transformation of their labor relations.

The demands of the textile cluster are unacceptable for the Government, stated today the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska in response to questions in terms of the demands of the textile industry for subsidies for contributions.

Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, today informed that two weeks ago they finalized the work regarding the credit line with the Council of Europe Development Bank for the construction of the new Clinical Center.



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