DAILY BRIEF 78 complaints filed by Levica and all complaints filed by Alliance and Alternativa and Integra dismissed, SCPC to review reports of political parties, Ahmeti summoned to The Hague

NEWS OF THE DAY: Administrative Court dismisses 78 complaints filed by Levica, all complaints filed by Alliance and Alternativa and Integra

The Administrative Court has dismissed 78 of the 101 complaints filed by Levica and confirmed the decisions of the State Election Commission. Previously, the complaints filed by Integra, the Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa and one natural entity, were dismissed as unfounded, confirming the decisions of the State Election Commission.

STATEMENT OF THE DAY SCPC: We will check whether among the donors of the election campaign are social cases and unemployed


Ali Ahmeti confirmed on Facebook that he has received an invitation to appear at the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor’s Office based at The Hague for war crimes.

Slavjanka Petrovska, informed that a procedure has been initiated against Zoran Gjorgjievski, Advisor in the Cabinet of Technical Minister Nakje Chulev, for the incident with the Head of the Unit for Traffic Safety in the Sector of Interior Tetovo, Zoran Talev.

Mila Carovska will be suing Boki 13 for slander, denying that she had given him support while being Minister of Labor and Social Policy.

The trial for the case “International Union” will continue on August 26, after at today’s hearing in the Basic Criminal Court the defence gave introductory words.

Ljubco Georgievski in court will try to return his title as honorary president of VMRO-DPMNE.

Starting next week, the “September 8” Hospital will start freeing up for admission of regular patients, except for COVID-19, says Dr Ciriviri for INTERVIEW, Sekulovski: Journalists and media workers were safe during the election cycle US Ambassador Kate Byrnes was a target of hate speech on the social networks.


CIVIL’s Monitoring Team in this past period has been monitoring and archiving hate speech and disclosing fake news and disinformation, publishing some of the information on its media platform.


The “new” reform and statutory changes in VMRO-DPMNE are three years old, another attempt of Mickoski to remain on the party throne, reveals the analysis of Xhabir Deralla on the latest political “undertakings” in the top of the biggest opposition party.

Angela Petrovska

Translation: N.Cvetkovska

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