DAILY BRIEF (23:00) State of emergency, day 49: Police Day, election dilemmas and resignation of Chulev

CIVIL Through an announcement, CIVIL congratulated Police Day, May, 7, to all members of the Ministry of Interior, with appreciation and gratitude for their efforts in the extremely difficult period for all citizens. Despite all challenges and weaknesses, the police manage to perform their basic function in the service of the public interest and national security, is said in CIVIL’s announcement.

SEC “I don’t recognize political pressure outside the law. Media pressure is already being made on the Commission, especially and specifically on me through certain statements. I don’t pay attention to those statements, I simply read the law, and I am not interested in any of that because those who give political statements now will probably not care about me in some future time if the question of responsibility arises”, said the President of the State Election Commission, Oliver Derkoski, in an interview for CIVIL Media.

RESIGNATION SDSM through an announcement demanded resignation of Technical Minister of Interior Nakje Chulev because he endangers the health and security of citizens. They demanded resignation also for failing to take action for the event in Struga, for the attack on a journalist and the smoke bomb in Skopje.

CORONA Minister of Health Venko Filipce announced that today we have a rise in newly-infected patients and that this will be closely monitored in the next days to see whether it is a coincidence.

ELECTIONS SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in tonight’s guest appearance on the TV Alsat show “The road to”, said that mid-June is the ideal time for holding the early parliamentary elections. Reflecting on the legal deadlines that are required by the State Election Commission for updating the Voters Register, Zaev said that the Commission needs 21 days after the state of emergency ends.

OBLIGATIONS Talat Xhaferi, President of Parliament, on the other hand, tonight on TV Telma’s show “Win-Win”, stated that the State Election Commission cannot condition and that it’s obliged, according to a decision of the President of Parliament and in this case also by the decree, to act upon the deadlines from the point where it had stopped.

EU DEBATE Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, at today’s online debate on the topic “Balkans in a new era – Overview of the Croatian EU Presidency”, organized by the Brussels think tank “Wilfried Martenc Center for European Studies”, said that perhaps the Croatian Presidency with the EU Council can be called “virtual” in a logistical sense, but for us as a state it was definitely essential in the political sense.

GOOD-NEIGHBOURLINESS “I expect in the future period for Bulgaria to continue to be a sincere friend of the Republic of North Macedonia. I believe that we will resolve the issue of Goce Delcev in the spirit of the common history, where the two people, both the Macedonian and the Bulgarian, will remain proud people. And there are no dilemmas here, said today SDSM President Zoran Zaev.

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