UN Zaev: UN is symbol of global peace and security, cooperation to continue

This year the United Nations is observing its 75th establishment anniversary. Founded amid a world in ruins in 1945, the UN is today a symbol of global peace and security, says Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on occasion of the United Nations Day.

“Despite a multitude of challenges, the UN has imposed the principle of dialogue and respect when preventing and solving challenges, raising initiatives to overcome world problems through the principles of cooperation and solidarity,” PM Zaev says in a Facebook post.

He adds that the UN is again having a central role in facing the COVID-19 pandemic through the World Health Organization, coordinating international protection activities.

“Considering the support and emboldening of universal human values, the Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the realization of UN Agenda 2030, ensuring a universal framework for enhancement of the collective action towards the common goals and challenges, which lead to prosperity. We are continuing to share our future together while cooperating with the UN on the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Zaev.

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