COVID-19 Zaev says health system to give better results than other European countries

The health system will surely not collapse, we have ensured hospital capacities for all. Doctors, nurses and the rest of the health workers are committed to the maximum, the police and the inspection services are doing their job, and the citizens are our biggest support, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday.

“We can be of big help to doctors if we abide by the measures, because I can tell you they are exhausted. I urge everyone to observe the measures for their own health, the health of our parents, relatives and friends. The health system will surely find a way to do its job. I am convinced that we will do this much better than other, more developed EU states,” PM Zaev told reporters.

He expressed hope that the Parliament would adopt the changes to the law related to the measures proposed by the Commission for Infectious Diseases by the end of October.

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