SURVEY What kind of future do the citizens of Strumica expect?

CIVIL spoke with the citizens of Strumica about what kind of future awaits our country in terms of the ecology, green or black?

One citizen believes that Macedonia’s future is green, because everything does get renewed.

“Macedonia has been reforested almost 50% from 1945 until now, if not even more, it’s greener now. We have high temperatures now and quite a lot of fires, but we are coping the best we can with them, but I believe that this will be overcome and that Macedonia will be even greener that it was. I’m always an optimist and believe it will be overcome”, says a citizen.

Another citizen is a pessimist and says that the future is black, because man destroys everything.

“Black, black, black, I say this three times. The younger generations throw waste from the food they eat on the streets, it’s because of how they have been brought up. I don’t remember ever throwing waste on the streets. And in regards to politics, we are the ones mostly to be blamed, because we chose the “thieves”, the worst people are always running Macedonia”, says another citizen from Strumica.

The survey is part of the project “Green Future”, which CIVIL is implementing in cooperation with Heinrich Bǒll from Sarajevo.

text editing: Angela Petrovska
journalist: Dehran Muratov
camera and editing: Arian Mehmeti
photography: Goran Naumovski
translation: Natasa Cvetkovska

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