COVID-19 Wearing masks outdoors will be mandatory, groups to be limited

The Parliament’s Committee on Health debated Wednesday the amendments to the Law on Protection of Population from Communicable Diseases.

The first amendment, accepted by Health Minister Venko Filipche, relates to the temporary measures of wearing protective face gear such as a respiratory mask, surgical mask for single use, textile mask for single use, textile mask for multiple use, silk scarf, cotton scarf, bandana etc when going outside the home, i.e. when moving in public places and open and closed areas, green markets, public transport, state institutions, markets, shops, banks, posts, health institutions etc.

Other temporary measures include self-isolation when testing for COVID-19, ban for family gatherings  and groups in certain periods, ban for groups in public spaces (parks, public areas).

COVID-19 patients must be treated in public health institutions, while private health institutions should have a license from the Ministry of Health to treat such patients, i.e. provide intensive care and therapy.

Minister Filipche expressed hope that MPs understand the need for the law and its amendments, towards protecting the public health.

VMRO-DPMNE lawmakers asked for Filipche’s resignation and endorsement of their motion for the establishment of a special state commission.

The debate is set to resume in the afternoon session.

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