POLITICS Vučić-Osmani: All issues between Serbia, North Macedonia to be settled through dialogue

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met Thursday in Belgrade for talks on ways for strengthening the countries’ good neighborly relations by settling all issues through dialogue, improving economic cooperation and mutual support for the EU integration process, MIA’s Belgrade correspondent reports.

“President Vučić mentioned all concrete project that could contribute to improved connectivity and economic cooperation between the two countries, including modernization of the railway to Skopje and strengthening of the infrastructure at border crossings,” the President’s office said.

The solid relations between Serbia and North Macedonia, Vučić noted, are of key importance for the entire region. He pointed out the mini-Schengen initiative, calling it an example of successful cooperation, beneficial for the citizens and of economic interests of the countries included in the initiative.

Vučić stressed the importance of the memorandum, signed by Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania, regulating mutual assistance and cooperation between the health systems for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Minister Osmani thanked for the donation of COVID-19 vaccines, handed over by President Vučić to PM Zoran Zaev this past Sunday. He said it marked the start of the vaccination campaign.

Furthermore, Vučić said Serbia supported the EU integration process of North Macedonia.

The two officials also discussed ways to improve the conditions of Serbs in North Macedonia and of Macedonians in Serbia.

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