DAILY BRIEF (Un)fulfilled expectations

CIVIL is organizing a 120-minute public event at which, once again, in an enlarged and detailed form, it will present recommendations for reforms in the election system, on June 5, 2018, at Hotel Continental, starting at 1.00 pm.

CIVIL Media spoke with Professor and human rights expert Mirjana Najcevska about the expectations from the development of the political situation in the country, about her expectations and the real picture from the beginning of the year until now, where we were, where we are now and what we can expect until the end of 2018. “What I see in the country is that the potentials are not used…We will make reforms when we will make use of the institutions and all the people who are in those institutions”, says Najcevska.

Activist Denis Jankulovski spoke to CIVIL Media about the predictions and expectations in regards to the political events in 2018, and everything that has been achieved around mid-year, and says: “I can say that to some extent I am a bit of disappointed from many things that I was expecting to change. We are, however, far from the changes we were expecting”.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev replied to parliamentary questions. He replied to a parliamentary question that they are no longer discussing about the proposal “Ilindenska Makedonija”, and that they are close to finding a solution for the name with Greece.


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