BURST Today gender chauvinism, tomorrow call for violence


When a spokesperson of the biggest opposition party goes public with expressions of ultimate chauvinism on gender basis, what can be said about the rest of the party? Nina Groupie and Dzirlo Girl, these are not vulgar allusions and expressions of a lumpen party troll, as they have in abundance, but of the spokesperson of MVRO (as Gordana Jankulovska called her party). There’s no need to deliberate much in order to remind ourselves that this statement comes from a representative of a party that tried to make subordinated and obedient apparatuses for reproduction out of women, which discriminates and humiliates women in every possible way. To call the vocabulary of the spokesperson of MVRO gender chauvinism is too polite and academic. No, it’s an extremely vulgar, street-style way of expression, insolent and without manners. And it says nothing good about the party that is represented by someone who can talk this way.

Well, it didn’t have to come to this outburst in order for us to conclude how much of a destructive party we are dealing with. However, it can be a good occasion to demand at least decency in public communication. At least decency, since we can’t expect from them to give up the fierce defence of the crime by blocking the processes for restoring democracy, the rule of law and European integration.

Not once have we said that there are no ultra-radical groups in the country, because they’re all housed in the biggest party that was ruling for 11 years. Perhaps one might say that the reaction to this statement of the spokesperson is too much, if compared to the actions of his party during its rule and in the period of less than three years following the elections in 2016. Just mentioning April 27, 2017 is enough to say that this is not that dramatic after all.

Every new outburst of crudeness and bullying is just a new drop to the overflowing glass. Today its vulgarity and gender chauvinism, tomorrow a call for violence. Gender chauvinism is nothing more, nothing less than a trait of a structure that is prepared to do anything, starting from discrimination against more than half of the population, to destruction at all other levels. It’s not at all exaggerating, rather it’s just another description of the situation and orientation of the party that feeds on hatred and public money.

A line has to be drawn. Not only should that bloody April 27 not be forgotten and swallowed, but there should also be persistence in seeking justice for that attack. At the same time, the public can’t endlessly endure this situation in which chauvinism, discrimination and violence in the public discourse are promoted without any responsibility and conscience.

How much this society is normal and is moving forward also depends on how the media react, the NGOs, women’s organization in MVRO and in other parties, including also in those that were their collation partners until recently, and are now in the “winners” team. It’s good to criticize the government, mostly because there’s always a reason for that, but all other stakeholders in the country’s political life also have a responsibility. Who can demand responsibility, if not the public and the media?

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