SURVEY There is no nationalism because the people have moved out the city!

In the survey of CIVIL Media, most of the citizens in Veles consider that there is no nationalism in the city, it is very rare to find someone with a dissimilar opinion.

“There is no nationalism, Veles is a peaceful town. If you don’t bother anyone, no one bothers you. I am a Bosniak by nationality, I get along with everyone”, says a citizen.

Another citizen says that in Veles the people have moved out of the city and that there is no time for nationalism.

“There aren’t any people, let alone nationalism. The people have moved out the city, there is no time for nationalism. It’s not like it used to be. Ordinary people are not interested in nationalism, politics…only the politicians among themselves are interested in all that”, says the citizen.

“There is nationalism. We are on the Balkans, if we were in Sweden there wouldn’t be. In Macedonia, nationalism can be overcome if we enter the EU and NATO, then perhaps we could overcome it”, says a citizen from Veles.

The survey is part of the project “Green Future” that CIVIL – Center for Freedom is implementing in cooperation with the Heinrich-Böll Foundation from Sarajevo. The goal of this project is to improve public perception and knowledge about the concept of a society that fosters green values, social justice and anti-nationalism.

Arian Mehmeti
Camera and editing: Маја Ivanovska
Text editing: Angela Petrovska

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