DAILY BRIEF The campaigns have started – to go or not to go to vote in the referendum

The State Election Commission will put the Voters Register for public examination on August 9, for the upcoming referendum on September 30. In the meanwhile, the new composition of the SEC is extending the deadline until tomorrow for submitting pricelists for media coverage. According to the Electoral Code, only the authorized proposer, namely, the Parliament, has privileged access to the services, which are provided by the broadcasters, the print media and electronic media (Internet portals), as stipulated by the Electoral Code.

All other participants in the referendum have the right to media coverage related to the referendum, but the access to the services of the media is under market conditions, according to the rules and policies for paid advertising of each media.

At the same time, VMRO-DPMNE isn’t missing a chance to dispute the Agreement with Greece every day, but Janko Bacev is making more radical steps than the party United Macedonia, who signed a Memorandum of strategic cooperation for boycotting the referendum through a Crisis Headquarters that will be propagating for citizens not to go to vote, with several parties, civil society

organizations and associations from the Macedonian diaspora. SDSM has also launched a campaign for the referendum. In their announcement today, they once again reminded the citizens that on September 30 they will have the final word on the future of Macedonia and joining EU and NATO.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will visit Macedonia on September 7, three weeks before the scheduled referendum on the name change, which is to resolve the name dispute with Greece. Kurz is coming to Macedonia upon Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s invitation, who has also invited several other European leaders prior to the referendum. During Zaev’s last visit to Vienna, at the end of June, Kurz appealed to the citizens of Macedonia to vote in the referendum for the new name “Northern Macedonia”.

Interestingly, but the Minister without portfolio, responsible for the implementation of the Strategy for the Roma 2014-2020, Aksel Ahmedovski, and the association of citizens “Romaverzitas”, on the occasion of August 2, the Day of the Genocide of the Roma from the Second World War, today, August 6, organized a commemoration to mark the remembrance for the victims of this genocide. Member of Parliament Samka Ibraimovski also attended the commemoration. According to the media, both the Minister and the MP are disappointed from the attendance at this event.

Today we also mark 2 years from the storm and catastrophic floods in the Skopje village of Stajkovci and the surrounding area that took away the lives of 22 people. On that occasion, under the slogan “May it not be forgotten and never repeated again”, the Mayor of the Municipality of Gazi Baba, Boris Georgievski, tonight at the Stajkovci Square will grant over 200 certificates of appreciation to institutions, public enterprises, companies, associations, citizens and volunteers who voluntarily helped during the floods.

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy today urgently reacted after a video was published on the social networks from the kindergarten “Detska radost” in Gevgelia, where the teacher addresses a child with abusive words. From the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy they say that they will clarify the case as soon as possible and will inform the public.

B. Jordanovska

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