Dragan Zelic, expert from the organization GONG from Croatia, at the panel organized in the press-center of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, immediately after the closing of the polling stations on December 11, spoke about the “phantoms” and the missing citizens in the Voters Register, about the atmosphere of fear and “Murky hunt”, and also

Following a reaction that was sent by a person from Ohrid to a Skopje portal, on phantom voters supposedly existing in Ohrid, a long-term observer of CIVIL – Center for Freedom visited the address that was mentioned and sent us a report, according to which even though one of the “phantoms” figures as a voter

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has long proposed a number of measures and processes aimed at improvement of the electoral process in the country in general, as well as concrete steps and measures that have to be urgently implemented in order to obtain minimum conditions for at least partly free and credible elections on December

Conditions for elections can be created by November, but the key problem lies in the State Election Commission, which is not presenting opinions or consensuses, and that creates confusion – there is division on whether conditions have been created or not- stated former president of the SEC and legal expert Aleksandar Novakovski for CIVIL Media.

Recently, there have been more frequent statements from the two largest parties in the country, VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, that parliamentary elections will be held this autumn. It is still unclear how the elections will be held, because according to the head of the State Election Commission Aleksandar Cicakovski, the  has not been revised.

PUBLIC STATEMENT, 27/4/2016 | CIVIL – Center for Freedom has clearly and unambiguously reiterated its assessments on the process within which a revision of the Voters Register is being conducted.

In the online survey State Elections Commission (SEC) and the Voters Register conducted by CIVIL in the period March 23 – 31, 2016, 91,53% of the respondents consider the Voters Register not to be accurate. Nevertheless, 86.3% of them find the publication of data from the Voters Register for public review to be a positive

Aleksandar Novakoski, legal expert and former President of SEC, reveals important aspects of the electoral process and the situation on the Voters Register. Novakoski was part of the expert panel discussion on “Pluralism and the political crisis” that was held on March 17, 2016. The event was part of the Project “Free elections for free