CIVIL expresses its abhorrence of extremely presumptuous, unprofessional and unethical performance of the Editor-in-Chief of TV Sitel, Dragan Pavlovic-Latas, on February 10, 2016, as the host of the opposition leader Zoran Zaev.

Here is a selection of groundless accusations and attacks of TV Sitel against CIVIL, launched on August 5, 2015. TV Sitel claims that CIVIL is in a network of 46 organizations. Fact #1: CIVIL – Center for Freedom is officially established in 1999 by citizens of Macedonia, without any foreign support in the beginning. It

Low, vulgar, manipulative and full of hate speech is the latest attack against CIVIL conducted by the government controlled media, led by one of the national broadcasters TV Sitel. On August 5, TV Sitel launched a new series of ferocious attacks on CIVIL and has accused and insulted its person in charge Xhabir Deralla. Here, we