The early, historic, parliamentary elections in Macedonia did not solve the long-lasting political crisis in the country, but rather deepened it. A week after elections and Macedonia is at crossroads. Citizens need to decide whether they will choose Euro-Atlantic integrations or vice-versa, will contribute for Macedonia to move towards self-isolation. The situation has become more

Dragan Zelic, expert from the organization GONG from Croatia, at the panel organized in the press-center of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, immediately after the closing of the polling stations on December 11, spoke about the “phantoms” and the missing citizens in the Voters Register, about the atmosphere of fear and “Murky hunt”, and also

“Some ambassadors have begun to interfere in the country’s internal affairs excessively, and that has to end. We remain open for cooperation, but will not allow ambassadors to interfere in the internal political affairs of the country. We will not allow pardoned criminal Zoran Zaev to form a government with forgery, VMRO-DPMNE will not allow

PUBLIC STATEMENT, 27/4/2016 | CIVIL – Center for Freedom has clearly and unambiguously reiterated its assessments on the process within which a revision of the Voters Register is being conducted.

During today’s press conference, Ombudsman Idzet Memeti urged the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to encourage themselves not to remain silent and to report any form of pressure or violation of their voting rights without hesitation, and by this to contribute towards a democratic electoral process.

The final reports about how presidential candidates spent the campaign were published. So far, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption reached the final two reports – one from GROM party candidate Zoran Popovski, and the other by the DPA Halimi. According to the reports, the only donor for the election campaign of Halimi is

Accusations for concessions on the electoral list are not stopping. A week after the end of elections, yet is unknown whether State Election Commission (SEC) or Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) are responsible for that some citizens couldn’t find themselves on electoral lists, or were on the lists of parliamentary elections, but weren’t on the