It’s a long night for the ex-Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska, ex-Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and Secretary of the Government Kiril Bozinovski, who are among the high government and ruling party officials charged with serious criminal charges by the Special Prosecutor’s office, as announced at the press conference today. 

CIVIL – Center for Freedom expresses its support and sends sincere congratulations to the Special Public Prosecutor’s office for their professionalism, dedication, consistency and courage.

In its first disclosed case, Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) has raised charges and filed an arrest warrant for eight persons suspected of criminalization of the electoral process, acts aimed at grabbing political power. Criminal investigation has been opened for: criminal conspiracy, violation of the right to vote and the freedom of voters, corruption of voters,

CIVIL – Center for Freedom salutes the continuation of the process for overcoming of the political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia, by selecting the Special Public Prosecutor. Negotiating parties have shown that, after all, they are capable of sticking to deadlines according to the political agreements signed on June 2 and July 15. We