With nationalistic rhetoric and anti-European banners around two hundred nationalists protested against the law that will provide more rights of use non-majority languages in the country. The protest took place in front of the Parliament where protesters accused EU of treacherous policy against the Macedonian identity and have burned the EU flag. 

“We will direct all forces to build justice and a legal state, to provide conditions for quality of life for all citizens in Macedonia, with mutual understanding, towards respecting the multiethnicity in the country and the Framework Agreement. With this we will be opening the real perspectives of the citizens and of contemporary, modern and

The post-election agony in Republic of Macedonia is accompanied by the scandalous behavior of the institutions that are most relevant in the election process. After the public witnessed an extremely suspicious quality of work of the State Election Commission (SEC), in the continuation of the process we see just as problematic behavior of the Administrative

Over a thousand voters in the first part of the day were not able to vote because they did not figure in the Voters Register, while the election day is going by with many irregularities, of which, 140 cases were registered by the analytical team of Civil – Center for Freedom until the third press-conference.

More than 2000 voters from all around Macedonia, today could not realize their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. The Voters Register is in an awful condition, noted CIVIL – Center for Freedom, based on the 238 processed reports of cases from over 550 reports from observers of CIVIL and GONG, who have been on the

Maksim Dimitrievski, President of the SDSM Defense Committee, in an interview for CIVIL Media stated that Macedonia’s security is a “result of our Army and above all our citizens”, emphasizing that there cannot be any security in a country that has “transformed into a country of modern slaves”.

There are 11 more weeks remaining until the date scheduled for early parliamentary elections that are to put an end to the long-term political crisis. However, in Macedonia there is no visible progress in the media sphere or in the preparations for fair and credible elections, whereas obstructions in the work of the Special Prosecutor’s