Withdrawal of abolition and postponement of elections – Zoran Zaev conveys the conditions for participating in the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis that are to be held in Vienna, Friday, 22 April.

Today’s disclosure of the wiretapped conversations of the highest representatives of the government provided evidence of extremely irresponsible behavior of Saso Mijalkov, the head of MOI’s Security and Counterintelligence Directorate in the Republic of Macedonia. In the wiretapped conversation disclosed by the opposition, it is clear that

Civil – Center for Freedom announces the start of the Free Elections 2014 project. Civil formed a team for production of informative media contents related to the elections process, which will be available through the website and other online channels of Civil, whilst all media are free to re-broadcast/publish without limitations.

The Republic of Macedonia has sustained prolonged political turmoil, turmoil that stems from extremely tense relations between the ruling and opposition political parties. The dialog has been cut off long ago, which culminated with the events of December 24 and the period that followed. Amidst erosion of both the democracy and the rule of law,