Which recommendations on the election system and revisions in the Electoral Code has CIVIL handed to the Justice Minister Bilen Saliji, last Monday? What are the findings and analysis of CIVIL’s local elections monitoring, that need to be addressed urgently? Is there any sense to talk about election issues now, and not at the last

At today’s meeting of the chief of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, with civil society organization in Republic of Macedonia, in the capacity of representative of the working group on freedom of expression, media and electoral reforms, the President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, Xhabir Deralla, spoke about the situation with the media and early parliamentary

H.E. Dr. Christine D. Althauser, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany will give an opening speech at the promotion of the publication “Elections 2016: Final Report of the long-term observation of the political process and early parliamentary elections in Republic of Macedonia”, published by CIVIL – Center for Freedom. The promotion will be held

The long-term erosion of democracy, absence of rule of law, continuous violation of human rights and freedoms, media control and structural violence have contributed to the continuous downgrading of the assessments in the annual progress reports of the European Commission (EC) on the Republic of Macedonia. The latest EC report is, in short, a defeat