Protesters against police brutality were brutally beaten by the police last night. Not only in front of the Government building, but also on the streets of the broader central area, on parking lots, parks and in the Public Library “Braka Miladinovci”. For now, an unknown number of citizens have been beaten, harassed and insulted, some

Five thousand protesters took the streets tonight in Skopje. Special police force defended the government building for several hours. The peaceful protest turned into a violent clash between police and protesters. Police used force on protesters, including those sitting and peacefully protesting. Many protesters were severely beaten up, including elderlies and women, as well as

Civil – Center for Freedom condemns the use of excessive force against demonstrators by police officers during their withdrawal at yesterday’s riots in the neighborhood Gorce Petrov. The blame for the escalation of the situation during the protest is seen in the lack of appropriate measures by the Ministry of Interior, to prevent violence and