Peter Vanhoutte, a Belgian diplomat, former MP of the Belgian Federal Parliament, high level mediator, specialized in political conflicts, former European mediator in the Macedonian crisis in 2015, is of the most popular foreign diplomats in the country. He has manifested a continued commitment to help country’s politics get into the right direction – democracy

Technically, elections can be held, however, an inspection and revision of the Voters Register cannot be managed, which means that ensuring a Voters Register in which everyone will have confidence in is not attainable” – stated the president of the State Election Commission (SEC), Aleksandar Cicakovski, today after consultations with the leading four political parties,

PUBLIC RELEASE: 14/09/2015 The special public prosecutor is one of the most important issues that have been agreed between the four leading political parties to overcome the political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia, brokered by the international diplomats on June 2, amended on July 15. One day ahead of the deadline to agree upon selecting