The political situation in Republic of Macedonia since its independence has never been more complex! After the speaker of the old parliamentary composition, Trajko Veljanovski, decided to convene the session, tomorrow a coordination of the MPs whose mandates have been verified will be held with the purpose of – continuation of the constitutive session. At

Three months after early parliamentary elections were held, which after December 11 were to put an end to the political crisis and open a new page in the democratic future of the country, and Macedonia continues to sink. President Gjorge Ivanov stands firmly on the position that conditions have not been fulfilled for him to

The negotiations between SDSM – DUI in the style “one step forward-two steps back” marked the political scene in Macedonia this past week. Finally, DUI decided to give the ten signatures of MPs in the Parliament to the leader of SDSM (49), Zoran Zaev, along with the Alliance for Albanians (3) and Besa (5). Hence,

The early, historic, parliamentary elections in Macedonia did not solve the long-lasting political crisis in the country, but rather deepened it. A week after elections and Macedonia is at crossroads. Citizens need to decide whether they will choose Euro-Atlantic integrations or vice-versa, will contribute for Macedonia to move towards self-isolation. The situation has become more

VMRO-DPMNE is threatening that it “will not allow ambassadors to further interfere in internal political issues”, while SDSM says that the “isolation is ending and that perspectives of a united Republic of Macedonia and its citizens are once again opening”.

Employed members of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE suffer strong party pressures and are threatened with penalties of 20 percent of salaries. To them their presence at the Annual Conference is imperative, which will be held on Sunday in Skopje, at which former Prime Minister and party leader Nikola Gruevski is expected to address

In his speech given at the Conference of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE, party leader Nikola Gruevski poured an avalanche of accusations and threats against the opposition, against his critics and against the international community. In this speech, it seemed as if Gruevski was competing with himself. Aggressive, enraged and full of hate, Gruevski

We are deeply determined that the given deadline for preparation of early parliamentary elections in April 2016 is too short. Our strong recommendation is to extend this period to 18 months or more, so that the necessary conditions for holding free elections may be created. In particular, we recommend this period to start from the

This cannot be tolerated anymore! In spite of all abuses and crimes indicated in the wiretapped conversations revealed by the opposition; despite all human rights organizations’ reports on abuses, state capture, confined media, electoral fraud and structural violence conducted for years – the ruling parties got the opportunity to participate in the process and negotiations