Which recommendations on the election system and revisions in the Electoral Code has CIVIL handed to the Justice Minister Bilen Saliji, last Monday? What are the findings and analysis of CIVIL’s local elections monitoring, that need to be addressed urgently? Is there any sense to talk about election issues now, and not at the last

H.E. Dr. Christine D. Althauser, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany will give an opening speech at the promotion of the publication “Elections 2016: Final Report of the long-term observation of the political process and early parliamentary elections in Republic of Macedonia”, published by CIVIL – Center for Freedom. The promotion will be held

For the Macedonian Center for Culture and Development (MCCD), the elections last Sunday were a “celebration of democracy, carried out without any incidents, at all polling stations, in all the cities and villages of Republic of Macedonia”, and according to this NGO, “this speaks about the maturing of the entire nation” and “confirms the development

Skopje, April 15, 2016. Prodemocracy protesters rallied today for the third day in a row, demanding resignation of President Gorge Ivanov. The democratic public, civil society, international community and human rights activists demand recall of President’s decision to pardon over fifty persons who face criminal investigation and criminal charges for corruption, abuse of power and

Speech by H.E. Ambassador Dr. Christine D. Althauser on the occasion of the Conference on political crisis and pluralism in the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje, 17 March 2016).

The State Elections Commission (SEC) voted unanimously to approve the report from the cross-referenced checks and statistical analyses of the Voters Register, according to which 316,000 entries (voters) are controversial, suspicious or inconsistent.  

CIVIL – Center for Freedom continues to receive a large number of reports daily on irregularities in the Voters Register. Concern is rising among citizens as each day passes, due to the short period of time that remains until June 5, the date which is scheduled for holding early parliamentary elections.

FORWARD! is a complex, multifaceted project for long-term monitoring of election process, transparency of financing of political parties, mobilization, elections day observation, education and awareness-raising on voters rights in the Republic of Macedonia. The project is composed of three main components: A. Mobilization and training; B. Monitoring, analysis and recommendations; C. Awareness-raising. The project also

“When I presented the January plan of activities at one of the last meetings late last year, the team of CIVIL called it the January crusade.  I agree, the plan is indeed loaded. Basically, there is not one day left without an activity during the entire month. But, we’ve had busier paces, so this is