For the Macedonian Center for Culture and Development (MCCD), the elections last Sunday were a “celebration of democracy, carried out without any incidents, at all polling stations, in all the cities and villages of Republic of Macedonia”, and according to this NGO, “this speaks about the maturing of the entire nation” and “confirms the development

Dragan Zelic, expert from the organization GONG from Croatia, at the panel organized in the press-center of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, immediately after the closing of the polling stations on December 11, spoke about the “phantoms” and the missing citizens in the Voters Register, about the atmosphere of fear and “Murky hunt”, and also

Following a reaction that was sent by a person from Ohrid to a Skopje portal, on phantom voters supposedly existing in Ohrid, a long-term observer of CIVIL – Center for Freedom visited the address that was mentioned and sent us a report, according to which even though one of the “phantoms” figures as a voter

Vladimir Pivovarov, Professor of security in FON, on the interview for Civil Media analyzes the election process, and the possible manipulations with issuing personal documents and providing voters that don’t exist.