We will remember the Victory Day, or the Europe Day, as well as a day when Kumanovo was shaken with a 48-hour war in the settlement of Divo Naselje, a fierce clash with an armed criminal-terrorist group. Eight police officers were killed in the heavy exchange of fire… Days later, the combat zone was covered

Fatmir Dehari, Mayor of Kicevo, in an interview for Civil Media spoke about relations in Kicevo and cooperation of other parties in the municipality council. Dehari said that Kicevo is a good model for inter-ethnic relations in the country. He also commented on the election cycle and for putting his picture with a gun on

Civil Media team interviewed the Vise President of DUI Izet Mexhiti, who is also the president of municipality of Chair. Mexhiti expressed DUI’s position that the elections in Diaspora were unfair. He also spoke about the interethnic relations in Macedonia, recognizing the legitimacy of President George Ivanov and the future of the coalition with VMRO-DPMNE