This is an analysis of the results of the research conducted by CIVIL through focus groups. Through the focus groups we have come to qualitative data on the knowledge on the voting rights, electoral irregularities and the situation on human rights and freedoms. The research through the focus groups was performed in Skopje, Veles, Gostivar

This is a video footage on the Fighting Right-Wing Populism in Europe project. Civil – Center for Freedom was one of the partners of CRISP (Germany), along with civil society organization from several European countries. The project continues.

Following the disclosure of recordings from the wiretapped conversations related to the local elections in 2013 by the opposition yesterday (March 6, 2015), it becomes even clearer how electoral processes in the country are conducted. The latest findings are another bitter confirmation of the numerous public appearances and elections monitoring reports of CIVIL – Center

Reporters without Borders (RSF) and Civil – Center for Freedom strongly condemn the illegal wiretapping of journalists in the Republic of Macedonia and demand immediate measures to restore justice and the rule of law there. According to opposition leader Zoran Zaev, the Macedonian government illegally eavesdropped on some 100 journalists in order to cement control

Over twenty thousand citizens of Macedonia were a subject to an unlawful communication surveillance, the opposition SDSM has reported at today’s press conference. The presented materials make it obvious that the authorities treat Macedonian citizens worse than criminals and terrorists, crossing all limits and legal restrictions of tracking communications. By doing this, the authorities have

CIVIL and other human rights organizations have recorded one more difficult year for the Republic of Macedonia. Human rights violations, discrimination and violence took place throughout the whole year. Electoral fraud, structural violence, ethnic tensions, and total media control may very well describe the passing year. The government continued its policies and practices that undermine

Dear friends and supporters, It’s been 15 years of hard work and struggle for human rights and freedoms, unwavering support for peace and tolerance, arms control, democracy, freedom of speech and media, solidarity, rule of law, and free elections.