When CIVIL Media spoke to Mr. Erwan Fouéré in May, 2016, he declared his strong and unwavering support to the Colorful Revolution, in times of an unstoppable wave of anti-regime and pro-democracy protests sweeping across the Republic of Macedonia. In the interview back then, Mr. Fouéré has concluded that the situation in the country has

The International Literature Festival Berlin called on all individuals, institutions, schools and media that advocate for human rights, to participate in the worldwide reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in order to support and strengthen the concept of human rights in the world, on September 6, 2017.

The new government must not be anything like the one of the suspect Gruevski. There is no reason why the vice premiere on economic affairs should be a capitalist. There is really no need for such a portfolio, the minister of economy should be good enough. There is no need for ministers without portfolio, at

Maksim Dimitrievski, President of the SDSM Defense Committee, in an interview for CIVIL Media stated that Macedonia’s security is a “result of our Army and above all our citizens”, emphasizing that there cannot be any security in a country that has “transformed into a country of modern slaves”.

Public statement by CIVIL – Center for Freedom on media freedoms, May 3, 2016. Republic of Macedonia is experiencing media darkness for years. On the World Press Freedom Day, once more, we raise our voice, striving for freedom. We reiterate our strong condemnation of the government’s policies and practices in the media sphere. The government has

Last night at midnight, the State Election Commission (SEC) closed the option for reporting data inconsistencies in the Voters Register, which existed as an option on the SEC website. The large number of reports that SEC received, from the moment when the online application for verifying the Voters Register was announced, is the reason stated

With the purpose of contributing to the political dialogue in the society, prior to early parliamentary elections to be held in 2016, CIVIL – Center for Freedom launched a series of interviews with members of the Government. Within the framework of these activities, in the second round of interviews with ministers, the team of CIVIL