We will remember the Victory Day, or the Europe Day, as well as a day when Kumanovo was shaken with a 48-hour war in the settlement of Divo Naselje, a fierce clash with an armed criminal-terrorist group. Eight police officers were killed in the heavy exchange of fire… Days later, the combat zone was covered

“Some ambassadors have begun to interfere in the country’s internal affairs excessively, and that has to end. We remain open for cooperation, but will not allow ambassadors to interfere in the internal political affairs of the country. We will not allow pardoned criminal Zoran Zaev to form a government with forgery, VMRO-DPMNE will not allow

The State Election Commission on Saturday, after several days of painstaking work behind barricades protected by special police forces and under the pressure of the crowd of protesters on the street in front of the building of what once used to be the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, finally accepted only one of the complaints filed

In the race between the political and legal state in Macedonia, a significant step was made today in favor of the country. I believe that today’s press conference of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, with such a serious case that opens up an investigation, speaks of the seriousness and correctness for which the Special Prosecution

CIVIL expresses its abhorrence of extremely presumptuous, unprofessional and unethical performance of the Editor-in-Chief of TV Sitel, Dragan Pavlovic-Latas, on February 10, 2016, as the host of the opposition leader Zoran Zaev.

The parliament of the Republic of Macedonia voted to go for early elections on April 24, this evening, after accepting the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who is in power for almost a decade, leading the largest self-designed Christian Democratic party of VMRO-DPMNE.