Even though the elections ended 35 days ago, Skopje continues to be filled with ads and billboards for presidents and leading candidates. Billboards of the prime minister Nikola Gruevski can be seen in the center of Skopje, also there are billboards that were settled during the presidential election campaign of the candidate and current President

The new interlocutor of Civil – Center for Freedom is analyst Sasho Klekovski. In this interview he talks about the trend of the quality of elections since 2009 and unequal media coverage. Klekovski emphasizes the great disproportion of resources in media campaigns. Explains what it means, “organized elections efficiently” and the need for equal opportunity

Civil calls all institutions and all political subjects to take urgent steps to prevent the rise of ethnical tensions after yesterday’s murder in Gjorce Petrov. The right to protest doesn’t represent the right of destruction and violence. Yesterday’s murder in this neighborhood which was ethnically connected tell us about the social and moral decline of

Schoolchildren and kindergarten children can’t be guilty of attacks on Zeqiri family. This was stated today by Faik Zeqiri, after meeting with the mayor of Butel, school and kindergarten principals, close with the courtyard of their house and with their neighbors. Zeqiri added that attacks happening to his family are about something else.

The final reports about how presidential candidates spent the campaign were published. So far, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption reached the final two reports – one from GROM party candidate Zoran Popovski, and the other by the DPA Halimi. According to the reports, the only donor for the election campaign of Halimi is

A member of the family Zeqiri from Radisani, which was target of nationalist attacks, Faik Zeqiri met yesterday with the mayor of Butel and two representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with whom he talked about the problems this family is facing. Today Civil contacted Faik Zeqiri to understand what was said at the

In the election campaign, the public administration was an active part of the political parties which participated with its own candidates in early presidential and parliamentary elections. Besides pressures, constraints, threats and obligations that are consistently available, including professors and teachers, are asked by phone to be present in rallies and the involvement of youth

The investigation team from Civil and the president Xhabir Deralla had a tour in a lot of municipalities in Macedonia, to meet with the local observes and citizens for the post-electoral situation. During this visit these municipalities were included: Stip, Strumica, Prilep, Bitola, Resen, Ohrid, Gevgelia, Kichevo, Tetovo, Gostivar, Bervenice, Kochani and Negotino. In these

Vladimir Pivovarov, Professor of security in FON, on the interview for Civil Media analyzes the election process, and the possible manipulations with issuing personal documents and providing voters that don’t exist.

Civil team talked with Urania Pirovska, the director of Helsinki Committee for assessment on the electoral process. We also asked her opinion about the problems from the voter list for the non existing buildings.