News digest of main events in Republic of Macedonia: A Session of the State Election Committee || Johannes Hahn: Future reform measures are necessary! || Bozin Pavlovski: I am not a signatory to Ivanov’s proposal  || Court administration continues to strike || (VIDEO) The Anti-Corruption Commission  – a leader in the region in not working ||

At the debate organized by CIVIL, leaders of 11 political parties, political initiatives and parties in formation, which are not part of the negotiations for implementing the Przino Agreement, presidents, vice-presidents, former and current MPs – all shared their views concerning the political situation, the negotiations on the reforms, and on whether the conditions for

CIVIL – Centre for Freedom held a successful public debate today in hotel “City Park” in Skopje, with representatives of political parties that are not part of the negotiations to overcome the political crisis. They developed a rich discussion and argued on the reasons that have been pushing Macedonia for a decade to a dead

In front of a full conference hall with representatives of the Municipality of Ohrid, Council members, managers of public enterprises and regional offices of state institutions, political party activists, media and the citizens of Ohrid, CIVIL presented the Project “Free Elections for Free Citizens”.

Presentation and debate, My Voting Rights Project  CIVIL – Center for Freedom will hold a presentation of its latest conclusions on manipulations and voting rights violations in the Republic of Macedonia on March 31, 2015 (Tuesday), GEM Club (Old Town), starting at 11 am. Materials on the project and reports on findings from elections related