The conditions for free elections are important, and not the date when they will be held – says political analyst Saso Ordanoski. In the statement made for CIVIL, he stressed that the approach of first setting the date of elections and then fulfilling the conditions for them to be carried out was completely wrong. He

Sinolicka Trpkova, university professor, actress and activist, on free elections: I cannot understand how the government is abusing the people for its own gain and is using them as a cover for its crimes. That same government, protecting its own interests, calls upon the people and says: On behalf of the people! And says: In

Angels – seraphs would shake it to its foundations, the communist architecture they would crush! Or, at least, they would inflict a heavy stroke upon it, an anti-communist stroke. So say the creators of the “work of art” for which the outgoing government has so far spent two million euros of people’s money (and, according