CITIZEN JOURNALIST Cement floor as a bed!

In the city shopping center “Garnizon” in Kumanovo, citizen journalist Erjona Sulejmani noticed a boy sleeping on the floor of the stairways in the early morning hours, covered with an old blanket and other old and unusable fabrics found in dumpsters.

In the Municipality of Suto Orizari, there are posters displayed from the last elections for quite some time now, with ordinal number 5 from the ballot, and with the image of the leader of the Union of Romas and MP candidate, Amdi Bajram. At the upcoming elections, the leader of the Union of Romas of

Citizen journalists have led the main coverage on the situation with the pro-democracy citizens’ protests for justice, freedom and democracy in the past two months. This also marks the course of the Civic Lenses Project and the awards for citizen journalists in this cycle of awards by CIVIL – Center for Freedom.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom will present the awards for the second cycle of the “Be a citizen journalist” competition on March 22, Tuesday, beginning at 12.00 pm at the City Park Hotel.

Employed members of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE suffer strong party pressures and are threatened with penalties of 20 percent of salaries. To them their presence at the Annual Conference is imperative, which will be held on Sunday in Skopje, at which former Prime Minister and party leader Nikola Gruevski is expected to address