With the purpose of contributing to the political dialogue in the society, prior to early parliamentary elections to be held in 2016, CIVIL – Center for Freedom launched a series of interviews with members of the Government. Within the framework of these activities, in the second round of interviews with ministers, the team of CIVIL

CIVIL – Center for Freedom expresses its support and sends sincere congratulations to the Special Public Prosecutor’s office for their professionalism, dedication, consistency and courage.

In its first disclosed case, Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) has raised charges and filed an arrest warrant for eight persons suspected of criminalization of the electoral process, acts aimed at grabbing political power. Criminal investigation has been opened for: criminal conspiracy, violation of the right to vote and the freedom of voters, corruption of voters,

B.L. is employed by a public institution. She has been working hard for almost 25 years, caring for the health of the residents in a public institution in the municipality. But after the worsening of the political crisis and the appointment of a new manager, she and her colleagues are exposed to pressures and harassment.

The President of the Party for the Complete Emancipation of Romas – PCER, Samka Ibraimoski, on Sunday afternoon wrote on his Facebook profile that the Rulebook on the manner of exercising the right to social welfare has been terminated, with which the recipients of social welfare who receive money from abroad through money transfers, have

The reports on discrimination, harassment and threats on the basis of political affiliation intensified right after the Agreement to overcome political crisis of June 2 and July 15, 2015 was concluded. The reports of CIVIL – Center for Freedom are based on information submitted by citizens electronically or in person, at meetings with representatives of

In the election campaign, the public administration was an active part of the political parties which participated with its own candidates in early presidential and parliamentary elections. Besides pressures, constraints, threats and obligations that are consistently available, including professors and teachers, are asked by phone to be present in rallies and the involvement of youth